Solving the Logistics Issues of B&B International Trading

B and B International Trading

B and B International Trading is a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that is the exclusive importer of Bruggen products from Germany, such as oats, muesli, and cornflakes. They have their corporate headquarters at Banasthali, Kathmandu with a branch office in Lakeside, Pokhara.

They are a well-known producer and provider of 9 a.m. food products. In the FMCG sector, it has around 150 goods in the Nepali market with several well-known worldwide names. In the hardware sector, they are the sole importer of PVC Floorings under the brand “Laflor” from Korea.

The Logistics Problem

A company has to face a lot of challenges in its journey to become successful. One of the main challenges they have to face is logistics challenges. B and B International Trading, like any other firm in the FMCG market, confronts several logistical issues that can have an impact on its operations and overall business success. Some of these challenges are listed below:

➔ Limited Transportation Options: Because of Nepal’s rough terrain and infrastructure, B and B Trade had restricted transportation choices, particularly when transporting items to rural places.

➔ Security problems: Security issues arose during deliveries, in some areas of Nepal where they had challenges like theft or hijacking of goods.

➔ Vehicle irregularity: Because the company did not have dedicated vehicles for delivery, they had to rent them randomly. As a result, they had to deal with several vehicle irregularities. These challenges resulted in late deliveries, unhappy customers, and money loss.

➔ Careless Drivers: As the drivers were untrained, they didn’t care about goods and handled them carelessly which damaged their goods and also their reputation.

Finding Upaya

Shambhu Subedi, one of the team members in the Finance Department found out about the logistics challenges they were facing and suggested they use Upaya. The company took Shambhu’s suggestion seriously, and after deep research, they decided to use Upaya to handle their logistics challenges.

Upaya is a logistics company enabled by technology. It has been providing logistics services across 4 verticals (Upaya On DemandMero UpayaUpaya Fulfillment, and Upaya Transport) targeted toward the needs of different types of businesses & individuals in Nepal. After some research, they decided to use Mero Upaya and that decision led to major improvements in the company’s logistical efficiency, reducing expenses and time while increasing customer satisfaction.

After Upaya Handled the Logistics

Upaya’s technology-enabled logistics services provided B and B International Trade with a dependable and effective logistics solution, allowing them to focus on their core business while enhancing customer satisfaction. Following are some of the advantages they got after using Upaya:

➔Upaya provided a Live time tracking system that makes tracking the vehicle(km and Time) easy.

➔The vehicle was replaced immediately after a problem with the vehicle.

➔Since all the driver partners of Upaya are well-trained, they showed flexibility, respect, and professionalism, and also handled the goods with good care.

Why Upaya became the best solution for them

The FMCG industry is extremely competitive, and fast delivery is critical to consumer happiness and loyalty. Upaya was the ideal choice for them for the following reasons:

➔ Good customer service: Customers expect timely delivery and a hassle-free experience when they purchase things. Because of Upaya’s excellent customer service, customers received their purchases on time and in pristine condition. Upaya’s customer service team was also available to address any delivery-related issues, such as delays or damaged goods.

➔ Provides credit cycle: The FMCG business benefited from Upaya’s credit cycle policies. The FMCG industry must manage its cash flow to guarantee timely payments to suppliers and inventory levels. Upaya’s credit cycle enabled the FMCG industry to get paid for goods after a certain time, allowing them to better manage its cash flow.

➔ Punctual driver-partner: Punctuality is essential in the FMCG industry since the company operates on tight deadlines, and delivery delays can disrupt the whole supply chain. The timeliness of Upaya’s trained driver-partner assured that goods were delivered on time, reducing the risk of delays and disruptions.

➔ Security of Goods: Product security is a key issue for the FMCG industry since they are easier to steal. Upaya’s professional driver guaranteed that the company’s goods were transported safely and securely, reducing the risk of theft, damage, or spoilage.

If you are experiencing the same challenges as Pro-Consumer, Mero Upaya is the appropriate option for you. To understand more about how Mero Upaya works, send us a message or call us at 9801883861 or 9801966713.

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