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Upaya fulfillment provides affordable and convenient door-to-door delivery services all over Nepal for small and bulky packages. The fulfillment service is specially designed for businesses that need to deliver any kind of goods and packages to their customers or other businesses.

Our dedicated team will pick up, sort, distribute, and deliver the package according to your required location with a door-to-door and home delivery service. Currently, the fulfillment service provides its services in three primary business segments.

Upaya E-Commerce Service (UES)

Upaya’s e-commerce service is for e-commerce and online businesses that require same-day and next-day delivery at affordable prices. This is specially designed for companies that are running their store through various social channels, websites, or physical stores and need to deliver products to their customers all over Nepal.

Upaya Digital Service (UDS)

Upaya digital service is for businesses that need doorstep verification, collection, and training services and is catered to and designed for industries such as banks, finances, insurance, and telecommunications. With this service, businesses can use it to deliver Financial QR codes and their activation, debit/credit card delivery and validation, door-to-door KYC verification, cheque delivery and validation, and SIM card delivery and activation.

Upaya Bulk Service (UBS)

Upaya bulk delivery service is for both individuals and businesses that need to deliver packages in huge numbers within a matter of days. This service can be used to distribute gifts for different occasions, calendar distribution, invitation cards, and merchandise.

Upaya Individual Service (UIS)

Upaya individual delivery service is for individual personnel who need to deliver single/multiple packages of any kind from one city to another all over Nepal in a safe, affordable, and convenient way.

Warehousing Facility

We also provide a warehousing facility for business which is equipped with the latest infrastructures, platform inbound and outbound docks, and reinforced structure for maximum security. The spacious warehouse of 18,000 Sq Ft is centrally located at Pepsi-Cola in between Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur.

The warehousing facility has a team of trained professionals who are equipped to handle all the aspects of warehousing, which includes inter and intra-city movement, bulk as well as small documents, and eCommerce parcel operations.

We are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive warehousing solution that meets their unique needs and requirements. We are committed to providing the highest quality warehousing service available in Nepal.

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