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Best delivery service in Nepal: We are a full stack logistics company enabled by technology, ultimately encapsulating to an end-to-end logistics solution.

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Upaya is a tech-driven logistics service provider that is operating its services all over Nepal. We aim to provide a diverse range of logistics services for both intra-city and inter-city delivery ultimately encapsulating an end-to-end logistics service provider.
With every individual and business transforming towards a digital transformation, Upaya is committed to transforming the way things move in Nepal, and to become the logistics backbone of Digital Nepal.

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Our commitment lies in Revolutionizing Logistics across diverse industries, from construction and manufacturing to retail and e-commerce, through unparalleled service, technological breakthroughs, and operational efficiency. Our innovative logistics solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies, optimizing supply chains, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall business performance. Whether it’s implementing advanced tracking systems for real-time visibility or streamlining warehouse operations through automation, we are dedicated to driving cost-effectiveness, reliability, and agility throughout the logistics industry. We are here to help businesses excel and thrive through technology-driven logistics solutions.


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Upaya Station

Upaya Station is a truckers’ hub spread across 3 bighas of leased land to facilitate the driver partners and transportation associates providing various facilities including ample parking space for 70+ trucks and commercial vehicles, recreation center, washing & cleaning rooms, subsidized canteen facilities, service station, etc in the same premises.
Located at Tankisinuwari on Nepal’s very busy East-West Highway towards Biratnagar, it is probably the first such station of its kind in Nepal. At this station, reliable arrangements have been made for the maintenance of vehicles involved in the transportation business, as well as short-term storage facilities and various amenities for drivers and loaders.

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