Solving the Logistics issues of Sujal Dairy

Sujal Dairy, a Laxmi Group subsidiary, is a major milk supplier in Kathmandu and Pokhara. It purchased the Pokhara Milk Supply Scheme in 2005 and has subsequently established itself as a dairy sector specialist. Sujal Dairy is noted for its creative use of new ideas, technology, manufacturing facilities, and product development. It sells a variety of dairy products under the “Safal” brand, including milk, curd, ghee, ice cream, butter, nauni, paneer, and flavored milk. Lovebirds Ice Cream was introduced by the company, which offers world-class inventive concoctions at reasonable costs. Sujal Dairy expanded to Kathmandu in 2012 and has since grown to become one of the best dairy brands with a large market share.

The Logistics Problem

As a logistics company in the dairy industry, they have experienced a number of problems in our day-to-day operations.

  • Low-Profit Margin: One of the key challenges was the extremely low product margin, which severely limited the budgets available for logistics operations. This implied they must discover ways to optimize their logistics procedures in order to cut costs while remaining competitive in the market.
  • Timing Issues: Milk had to be supplied between the hours of 3 and 7 a.m. That meant that they needed an efficient and dependable transportation system to ensure that milk was delivered to their consumers on time. Any delays could cause milk to spoil, resulting in a considerable loss.
  • Replacement Issues: Since clients would not have been accessible to receive the milk during the scheduled delivery hours, timing concerns also resulted in replacement issues. They had to reschedule deliveries or replace spoiled milk, which resulted in extra expenses for them.
  • Irresponsible Local Drivers: They have also encountered difficulties as a result of certain local drivers’ reckless actions. This caused goods to be damaged, which cost the business money.

After Upaya Handled the Logistics

Upaya is a tech-enabled logistics company that has been serving the needs of all kinds of businesses and individuals in Nepal by offering logistics services across four verticals. The business has been able to handle a range of client issues by putting various solutions into place.

  • Live time tracking system: The lack of transparency in the delivery process was one of the major problems clients encountered. Upaya solved this issue by giving consumers access to a live time tracking system that showed them the location, distance, and time of the car. This facilitated client scheduling and guaranteed prompt product delivery.
  • Trained-Driver Partner: Sujal Dairy also dealt with the danger of product loss and damage during transportation. Upaya made sure all of its driver partners are properly trained and equipped to handle items with care to reduce this danger. Sujal Dairy felt secure knowing that any damage or loss of goods had been prevented.
  • Affordable Price: Additionally, Upaya had reasonable prices for its logistics services. That had been made feasible by utilizing technology to improve logistics procedures, cut expenses, and provide customers the savings. Upaya’s services are thus available to a variety of organizations and people throughout Nepal.
  • Punctuality of Driver-Partners: Upaya acknowledged the importance of timing in logistics operations by requiring punctuality from its driving partners. This facilitated client schedule planning and guaranteed prompt product delivery.
  • Easy Vehicle Replacement: Upaya maintains a pool of vehicles within a radius of the pickup point, enabling speedy replacement of the vehicle and ensuring ongoing delivery in the event of any problems with the vehicle.
  • Flexible Driver-Partners: Customers were able to plan their deliveries more easily thanks to Upaya’s flexible business hours. This adaptability was made possible by the use of technology to streamline logistics procedures, allowing Upaya to provide its clients with prompt and dependable services.

Why Upaya became the best solution for them

In Nepal, UPAYA is a logistics company that uses technology to offer services in four different industries. For the reasons listed below, Sujal Dairy suggests Upaya to others:

  • Good Customer Service: This is crucial in the logistics sector, as clients must have faith that their needs will be met quickly and effectively. The customer care team at UPAYA is skilled and helpful, and they go above and beyond to make sure that clients are happy with their offerings.
  • Provides Credit Cycle: Businesses that need to successfully manage their cash flow highly value the credit cycle functionality that UPAYA offers. The ability to pay for logistical services later thanks to the credit cycle might help firms better manage their finances. Since not all logistics companies offer this feature, UPAYA may have a distinct advantage.
  • Punctuality of Driver-Partner: The driver partners of UPAYA are well-known for being on time. This is important in the logistics sector since successful delivery frequently depends on timing. Because UPAYA’s driver-partners are skilled and prepared to handle cargo with care, there is less chance of loss or damage to cargo during transit.
  • Security of Goods: Upaya takes precautions to guarantee that all goods are transported securely and safely, and it uses the latest technology to trace and monitor shipments. Customers can feel secure knowing that their items are in good hands thanks to this.

If you are having the same logistical problems as Sujal Dairy, Upaya might be your best alternative. Send us a mail or give us a call at 9801883861 or 9801966713 to discover more about Upaya’s operations.

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