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Mero Upaya is designed for businesses that want custom-tailored logistic services. Since every business has different logistic needs, Mero Upaya is here to provide you with the ideal logistics solution. Mero Upaya provides flexibility where you can choose from a wide range of vehicles which include 2-Wheelers, Mini-Vans, Hatti Gadi, Pick Up Trucks, and Big Trucks (6 Wheelers and Above), ensuring you have the right transportation option for your goods and products.

Reasons to Choose Mero Upaya

Take Control with Our Dashboard:

With Mero Upaya, you gain access to the dashboard that puts you in control of your logistics. You will be able to keep track of vital information such as real-time vehicle location, trip history, vehicle usage, and financial details right at your fingertips. Get valuable insights into your logistic operation and manage your logistics efficiently with our dashboard.

Tailor-Made Solution with Flexibility:

We understand that your logistics need may vary from time to time, this is why we offer a complete customization solution allowing you to order vehicles specific to your requirements. You can even combine various types of vehicles for creating the perfect transportation solution. Rental options of half-day and full-day are also available which gives you full freedom for optimizing logistics resources.

Efficient Intra-City and Inter-City Transportation:

Mero Upaya offers a combination of inter-city along with intra-city deliveries with trained driver partners equipped to handle every delivery need effectively and reliably.

If you have custom logistics requirements and want a tailored solution for your business then Mero Upaya is the perfect logistics and delivery solution. Contact us today and let Mero Upaya be your trusted partner in optimizing your supply chain and logistics operation.

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