Our Partners Make Us Who We Are

We are an online logistics platform providing logistics services in various cities across the country with the help of numerous delivery partners, business partners, and franchise partners with a common goal of becoming the logistics backbone of digital Nepal.
To date, we have partnered with business houses and entrepreneurs as franchise and business partners along with several two-wheeler and four-wheeler delivery partners part of the only tech-enabled last-mile delivery service of Digital Nepal. Do you also want to be the one?

Delivery Partners
Business Partners
Franchise Partners
Impact Partners

Join us and help Nepal grow digitally. Delivery partners can register as two-wheelers and four-wheelers according to their vehicle, work in flexible time schedules, and deliver the goods they prefer along with a competitive earning.

Frequently Asked Question
Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Upaya City Cargo.

How to register as a delivery partner?
– Simply download our app from the Play Store & register with your details after which one of our representatives will call you for training.

Required documents to register as a delivery partner?
– License, Billbook along with Page Number 2, 4, & 9.

What if you do not have a PAN number?
– It is recommended that you provide your PAN number but not immediately required.

How long is the onboarding process?
– You can start the work as soon as you take our 3-hour training session.

Do I need to pay for the training?
– No, the training is completely free.

At what time do I need to work?
– Our work timing is flexible as per your needs.

Become a part of Upaya as an agent and join our mission to provide an innovative tech platform and deliver quality logistics solutions with a commitment to transform the way things move in Nepal.

Become a franchisee and a part of Upaya and help us expand to different parts of Nepal! You will not only be a part of the company but also a revolution in the logistics sector of Nepal.

What is a franchise partner?
– A franchise partner is an opportunity where you can explore being a Business Partner working in a specific area you are familiar with.

What are the steps to become a franchisee of Upaya?
– To become a franchisee, there are 5 steps which include Knowing your Franchisee(KYF), Understanding the Supply Side(Logistics), Understanding the demand side(Commercial Side), Presentation by the Franchisee, & finally Decision on franchise approval or rejection.

What is the average time to get on board as a franchise?
– The average time to get on-boarded as a franchise is a minimum of 2 months.

Can you become a franchisee of Upaya inside the Kathmandu Valley?
– Yes, you can become a franchisee of Upaya inside Kathmandu Valley.

Is training provided by Upaya in the initial phase of the franchise?
– Upaya provides training to the key staff hired by the Franchisee to onboard them into Upaya’s system, values, and culture. Furthermore, Upaya will also provide advisory support on preparing a business plan within the allocated area.

What are the resources provided by Upaya to its franchisees?
– Upaya will provide access to its digital platform and help to install this system into the computer system installed by Franchisee.

Our impact partner helps support our mission to create a positive social and environmental impact while generating financial returns.

Susan Lund, Vice President – Economics and Private Sector Development at IFC, at Upaya’s Fulfillment Centre (Upaya Space) in Pepsicola.