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Embrace a Growth Mindset, Curiosity, and Innovation.
At Upaya, we extend a warm welcome to individuals driven by relentless passion, possessing an agile mindset, and embracing a culture of rapid learning. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary job experience. Upaya offers an enriching environment that nurtures growth, fosters continuous learning, and encourages collaboration.

Our workplace values diverse perspectives, provides accountable freedom, motivates you to achieve new heights, and celebrates both small and significant victories.

Careers at Upaya

Why Join Us

As a prominent player in logistics, Upaya provides exposure to industry leaders both domestic and international. Upaya also provides a substantial career ladder for continuous advancement.

Upaya prioritizes employee well-being with comprehensive care initiatives, including paid time off, maternity and paternity leave, and even menstrual leave. We believe in fostering a healthy work-life balance for our team.

We celebrate the efforts of our team through in-house awards, monthly shoutouts, and engaging team activities. We take pride in recognizing and appreciating individual contributions to create a positive and supportive workplace culture.

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Your Application Journey

At Upaya, we’ve crafted a hiring process to ensure a perfect alignment between you and our company.

If your qualification aligns with our criteria, we’ll schedule a brief call for mutual introduction.

In this phase, we’ll discuss your expectations and role responsibilities to ensure mutual understanding and alignment.

A technical assessment will be conducted to evaluate your specific skills and expertise for the role.

Our HR team will engage in a discussion with you to cover compensation, benefits, and other essential details.

If everything aligns, we’ll extend an offer for you to join our team.

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Life At Upaya

At Upaya, work isn’t just work,
it’s an exciting journey filled with laughter, teamwork, and boundless support.
Dive into our world and experience the ideal mix of work and play.

4th Anniversary

Upaya celebrated its vibrant 4th anniversary at Hattiban Resort
with a dazzling showcase of performances and joy.
The event marked four years of unity, success, and shared achievements.