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Complete Truck Solution

Upaya offers a premium Full Truck Load (FTL) service that stands as a testament to our commitment to efficient and reliable transportation solutions. With FTL (On Demand Transport), we provide businesses with the advantage of exclusive truck utilization, ensuring that their cargo receives undivided attention throughout the journey. Our truck partner network and trained driver partners guarantee on-time deliveries and safe transport of the goods.

Full Truck Load Service is suited for clients and businesses that want to move a high volume of orders from Point A to Point B and want a dedicated truck for their orders.

With the Full Truck Load Service get: 
– On-Time Delivery 
– Optimal Security 
– Flexibility and Customization 

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Choose from Variety of Trucks

10 Ton Vehicle

12 Ton Vehicle

17 Ton Vehicle

21 Ton Vehicle

40 Ton Vehicle

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