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Why join us ?


At Upaya, we believe Youths are the ones who are going to help in building our nation. This is why Upaya is full of young & dynamic people who want to help in building a Digital Nepal.


Career at Upaya


At Upaya, we consciously put effort into ensuring that our employees feel at home and at ease while they are working. That’s not all. There are more reasons to join Upaya:

  • Best Start-Up of the Year 2021

    Upaya was awarded “Best start-up of the year 2021”. We are the best of our kind with the innovative tech platform and logistics services we provide.

  • Young & Dynamic team

    We are a start-up with a young team. The energy and perspectives brought on the table makes working at Upaya lively and fun.

  • Open Working Environment

    Everyone is just one call away at Upaya. We encourage communication and interactions. Every individual is super approachable and receptive.

  • Inclusiveness

    We have a diverse workforce who come from different backgrounds. We value and acknowledge each of our employees equally.

  • Opportunity for Growth

    Company can grow more if their employees are growing too. We provide opportunities for professional and personal development of our employees and also encourage them to take initiatives.

Vacancy Listings

If you believe you are a good fit for any of the Upaya positions, please submit your resume to, accompanied by a cover letter. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.