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Where does one go when they need to have goods delivered inside or outside the valley? Are there places inside the valley that do that? What are the standard rates? How will you be charged; weight or distance? The problem was not having an idea about where to go or how to send goods if you needed to. Amidst all the confusion, “Upaya” seemed like the solution. Upaya is a revolutionary brand that solved major problems in the country’s logistics. Upaya is trying to formalize the logistics business by integrating tech into the industry. The brand provides transparency in its rates and helps customers find the best solutions for their logistic needs.

We wanted to redesign the logo but at the same time keep the essence of the old logo. We wanted to try and keep unique elements like inverted lamda and phonetics that are used to make sure that people said the Nepali word correctly. The logo we created represents the complete process of Upaya. From the first mile: the beginning of the delivery process, to the middle mile: the delivery process until the goods reach the destination which represents the last mile. The colors used in the logo are blue and orange. The blue represents trust and the orange represents energy. These colors communicate a trustable brand that offers prompt logistic services.

Our logo is a combination of three major structures, ‘=’, ‘-’, and ‘:’. The combination of these major structures represents the delivery process of Upaya. ‘=’ represents the first mile, the beginning of the delivery process. The macron (-) above ‘a’ means the middle mile and the inclusiveness of the logistic verticals of Upaya. ‘:’ represents the last mile, delivery of the goods, and the concept of glocal that aligns with the company. These structures also help people pronounce the word correctly. At the rate Upaya is growing, it won’t be long before people of non-Nepali origin interact with the brand. The correct pronunciation of the word is important but it also gives the logo a bit of ‘Nepali-pan’.

‘Our new logo is a holistic representation of the service we provide to our customers across the country. With the goodwill and support of its delivery, trading, franchise, and alliance partners, the company promises to make the company a big and trusted brand in the transportation sector.’

We take great satisfaction in being the most efficient delivery service company in Nepal, regularly providing our customers with high-quality service throughout Nepal. There is no doubt that Upaya is a major logistics company in Nepal, with solutions to meet even the most limited budget, operating in both local and intercity delivery.

If you are having trouble making a delivery today or any day, Upaya is the best solution for you. Allow Upaya to do the job so you can concentrate on living. We are one of the top delivery services in Nepal, offering professional, timely same-day, next-day, and express courier delivery services. We can handle it on your behalf.

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