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Terms and Conditions Upaya Fullfillment

Terms and Conditions:


1.      Delivery:

-         Order shall be placed by the client itself in Upaya’s Dashboard.

-         Client can either schedule a pickup or drop off the parcel at Upaya’s Hub located at Baneswor Thapagaun and Pepsicola.

-         The order will be delivered within 24 hours of pickup.

-         The prices shall be applied as indicated below in Schedule-I.


2.      In Package Details:

-         First Party will print and paste AWB (AirwayBill) on the packages after placing the order on the system provided by the Second Party.

-          Seller details and receiver details along with the name, exact location, COD, and contact number shall be pasted on the package.

-         Any nearest landmarks, such as schools, hospitals, offices, etc. are highly appreciated.


3.      Post Delivery:

Failed Delivery:


Any packages not delivered in the first attempt due to various reasons shall be tried to deliver again within the next 2 working days.


In case of failed delivery on the first attempt due to call no response, Upaya Rider will drop the messages to receivers for the attempted delivery.

The package which couldn’t be delivered even after the third attempt is counted as failed delivery and shall be returned to the origin.


**The First Party shall be charged for the price of one delivery in case the goods fail to deliver even after three attempts as mentioned in Schedule I.

*Reasons for failed delivery: Incorrect Location, Incorrect number, Customer unreachable, and customer cancellation.


In case of a failed delivery,

                                                  i.     The charge will be applicable as RTO (Return to origin).

                                                ii.     The return parcels shall be returned every Monday and Friday after 2 pm.



 Charges will be applicable for reverse delivery (from customer to vendor) as mentioned below in Schedule I.


          Loss and Damage:

-         Second party delivers the goods as received from the First Party and shall not be liable for any damages, as long as the packaging is as per standard.

-         In case of lost goods, Second Party will be liable.

-         The Second Party will be liable as per clause 6.



For the exchange of goods, a new order must be placed by the first party i.e.,

Choosing the service type X-change order in the system.

Then, the reverse order shall be placed by the internal team of the second party itself such that two orders shall be placed in case of an exchange order.



-         The first party needs to maintain the proper packaging of the parcel.

-         Tight Box packing or bag packaging needs to be maintained with no open ends.

-         In the case of fragile or delicate items, more than 3 layers of bubble wrapping need to be maintained with box packaging.

-         The minimum size of the parcel i.e. 19 cm × 9 cm × 9 cm (Brick size)


4.      Service Charge:

Payment of each invoice shall be made by the First Party within 7 days following receipt after receiving the invoice from the Second Party.



5.      Cash on Delivery:

All Cash on Deliveries (hereinafter referred to as “COD”) collected during delivery shall be reported fully and accurately in the books and records of the Second Party.

The Second Party shall make payment of the collected COD amount to the First Party after 3 days of delivery. i.e., every Monday and Friday after deducting the delivery charge.


-         COD amount shall be mentioned mandatorily while placing the order.

-         Upaya shall handle only up to Rs.50,000 per order.

-         If failed to mention the COD amount, Upaya shall not be liable for the collection.

6.      Inter-City Delivery:

-         We provide home delivery services in the cities mentioned in Schedule -I.

-         The prices shall be indicated below in Schedule-I.




Terms and Conditions Upaya Fullfillment

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